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About us

Good day and welcome!



My name is Tatiana Kan. Texturra is my favorite business that I started in 2015. The project turned out to be a combination of love for home cooking and passion for creating unusual things. 



The birth of the second child, maternity leave and thirst for creativity made me think about, but more importantly start manufacturing wooden patterned rolling pins. The first time I worked purely on enthusiasm all by my lonesome. All on my own, I came up with drawings, chose equipment, modes and manufacturing techniques. I started a shop at the Masters Fair, had chats with clients, packed parcels and ran back and forth to the post office.



That time is over, and now we have a workshop in St. Petersburg and a close-knit team of like-minded people that are manufacturing operators, designers, managers. And what heads this all is the magic of wood that is embodied in gingerbread forms, surprises with its new beauty and becomes a faithful assistant to creative mistresses.



What is the main thing in our work?


A flight of imagination that shapes the patterns on the wooden products. The ability to create as if from a fresh start and implement these ideas.



Joy when customers come back with new ideas and ask to create a unique rolling pin or gingerbread board. One can come with their sketches, someone with abstract thoughts, but we genuinely love such orders, get them done and take pride in doing so!



Conscious attitude towards quality.  We recheck our products twice: after they are ready and before shipping because wood is a complex natural material, which can easily show its other tricky side in the form of cracks and knots.


Lots of love for customers.  Over the years we have managed to make friends with many of them, and if you are not with us, join the group in Vkontakte or subscribe on my Instagram account @texturra.ru



We believe that Texturra is about the birth of family traditions and finding a way to spend time with children. To show that in the kitchen there can be interesting and funny. This is about a reason to gather with family or friends around the table and share joy with each other. It is a ray of creativity in everyday life.


Thank you for your attention,

Tatiana Kan

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